Serving Hearts and Hands

mission impossible

We love hearing stories of how our community steps outside of themselves to serve others in our city and around the world. In April, Ed O’Connell led a week long service project called Mission Impossible. Mission Impossible took place this year at a summer camp called Spring Lake Camp in Arkansas. It is sponsored by Aurora Christian High School over their spring break time, and they had over 85 kids serving this year.


Ed has been leading this trip for over 18 years. He is a builder, and discovered that one of his gifts is empowering and teaching kids how to build. After his first trip, he told his wife that he will be leading this trip for the rest of his life!

mission impossible1

Ed said that the most rewarding part of the trip is watching the self satisfaction the kids get when they see something built with their own hands and using skills they did not know they have. He has seen many lives changed on this trip, as well as kids falling in love with serving, and developing a heart for missions.  His biggest lesson this year was about learning to trust God. The camp did not have the money for the materials needed when the trip was in the planning stages. However, by the time of the trip, the funds had been provided.

We are so thankful for the examples of people in our community who give of their time to benefit and serve others around them. We love the heartbeat of a community who serves, and are thankful for everything Ed does for The Orchard and beyond.

Thank you for living out our values of generosity and goodness and beauty, Ed!