Thank you for your interest in having one of our pastors at The Orchard facilitate your
wedding ceremony and/or hosting your wedding in our facility – and congratulations!
Due to the amount of wedding requests we receive throughout the year, The Orchard’s pastoral
staff are only able to conduct weddings for members or highly-involved attendees of The
Orchard. We help facilitate both weddings onsite at our facility and offsite as well.

We require each engaged couple to complete premarital assessments and engage in one to two
premarital counseling sessions prior to their wedding as well. We will give you detailed
instructions each step of the way.

If you’d like to request an Orchard pastor to officiate your wedding and/or you’d like to use our
facility for your wedding, please read the following wedding guidelines and then complete the
appropriate form below.

Please fill out an Onsite Wedding Application here.

Please fill out an Offsite Wedding Application here.

Wedding Guidelines

1. The Orchard’s Pastoral staff only conducts wedding for members or highly-involved attendees of The Orchard.

2. All weddings conducted at The Orchard will be officiated by The Orchard’s Pastoral staff, or their official designees.

3. The wedding party is responsible for securing/hiring all musicians, vocalists, or other performers. the Orchard’s Wedding Coordinator may assist in this process if needed.

4. The wedding party will undergo wedding counseling as discussing by the officiating Pastor. The bride and groom are responsible for assessment fees.

5. An honorarium to the officiating Pastor for performing the ceremony is not included in the Rental Fee and should be paid directly to the pastor (Suggested honorarium $100-$250). In addition, if the wedding is offsite and more than 2 hours from The Orchard’s facility, it would be helpful to provide a hotel room at a reasonable hotel and gas reimbursement for the Officiant and family.

Onsite Wedding Specific Details

1. Reception facilities are not available at The Orchard.

2. The cost for weddings at The Orchard is $600 and includes the following:

a. Facility rental for the rehearsal and ceremony.

 b. Janitorial service for the rehearsal and ceremony

 c. One sound technician from The Orchard at the rehearsal and ceremony.

 d. the Orchard’s Wedding Coordinator and services

 e. A non-refundable $100 deposit is due with signed wedding application/ rental agreement. The remaining $500 is payable 30 days prior to the wedding date.

3. Candelabras, aisle runners, or other wedding accouterments are not available from The Orchard. The wedding party may ask The Orchard’s Wedding Coordinator for assistance locating these items.

4. All questions or concerns should be directed to your wedding coordinator. You will receive their contact information upon approval of your application.

5. Decoration may not be affixed to the walls of the auditorium.

6. A Bridal room and a Groom’s room will be provided to you before your wedding an must be cleared of all belongings directly after the ceremony.

7. Please help us by reminding your wedding party that smoking, illegal drugs, and alcoholic beverages are not permitted on church property. Wedding guests who are intoxicated may be asked to leave if their behavior warrants.

8. Proper dress is required at the rehearsal and the wedding. (We are not concerned with style, but propriety).

9. Please do not throw rice following the ceremony. We ask that your guests be given bird seed, bubbles, biodegradable rice, or white flower petals. these must be used outside of the church entrance.

10. Childcare is not provided by The Orchard or its staff. All nurseries and children’s rooms will not be available.

11. Your wedding rehearsal will be preformed by The Orchard’s Wedding Coordinator or the Officiant on an evening before your ceremony. the rehearsal should not last more than 75 minutes. Please ensure that your entire party is present at The Orchard and ready on time.

12. Since time is limited, vocalists or musicians must contact the Wedding Coordinator to arrange any additional rehearsal time other than during the standard ceremony rehearsal.

13. All wedding music must be approved by the Wedding Coordinator.

14. Only an official Orchard Church sound, lighting, or media technicians may be allowed to be in our production booth or run our production equipment. Note: only a sound technician comes included in the standard wedding fees. Other technicians will need to be arranged (for additional fees) by your Wedding Coordinator.

15. Any vendors connected to your wedding (including florists, photographers, etc.) will have access to the church during the rehearsal, or the day of the wedding. The Orchard’s Wedding Coordinator will facilitate the arrangements with all the vendors. It is the wedding party’s responsibility to inform all vendors of these policies and the ensure communication with the Wedding Coordinator.

16. In order to protect the carpet and furniture, the Wedding Coordinator may require shielding material to be used under any floral, candle, or other arrangements.

17. The church furniture or seating may only be moved by representatives of The Orchard, at the discretion of the Wedding Coordinator, Creative Arts Director, or other Orchard Staff.

18. As you make plans with your photographer/videographer, remember that your wedding is a worship service and nothing should distract you or your guests from celebrating/ worshipping during the ceremony.

19. All photography taken after the wedding must be completed within 30 minutes following the conclusion of the ceremony. Please make photography arrangements with your Wedding Coordinator.

20. Decisions regarding any matters related to the wedding by Pastors and Orchard’s Wedding Coordinator are final. We thank you in advance for cooperation.