Serving Spotlight: Jonah Helfrich


We are excited to introduce you to one of our amazing student volunteers, Jonah Helfrich!

Jonah loves to help around The Orchard. You may see him serving behind the media desk in Orchard Kids or helping with a creative project. He has been serving in Orchard Kids for the past few years, and loves being a part of helping to create a unique and fun environment.

The most rewarding part of serving for Jonah is getting to learn new things. He is continually challenging himself to learn new skills. He is very interested in learning how he can be used as a resource in the auditorium in the future. Jonah serves in many ways by helping to rearrange furniture, clean carpets, and many other odd jobs around our building. He says he loves being helpful to other people.

Jenni Zielke, our NextGen Director, says Jonah is always willing to do whatever she asks of him. She said, “He is creative, has great ideas for stage design, and is so helpful with anything technical, including microphones, lighting and sound.”  She said he thinks well on his feet and is a good example for his peers.

Jenni and our Orchard Students team are passionate about walking with youth on their journey. A big part of helping them do that is incorporating them into the adult gatherings and serving where they are gifted. Jonah has been a good example of a youth who is doing that well.

When we asked Jonah what he would say to someone who is on the fence about serving, he said, “You should do it! It’s so much fun.”

Thanks, Jonah, for all you do to make Orchard Kids an awesome environment.

If you’d like to learn more about getting involved through volunteering at The Orchard, you can visit our website here.