Serving Spotlight: Deb Lorenz

Serving Spotlight Deb L.001

We’re excited for you to meet Deb Lorenz, one of our Welcome Team leaders.

Deb loves volunteering at The Orchard because it provides her the opportunity to interact more closely with the people in our community. Deb says, “I believe that volunteering at The Orchard is another way of Giving Back to God.”

Connections & Growth Director Tammy Helfrich loves having Deb as a part of the team. “Deb is always willing to jump in and serve as needed. She is always smiling and welcoming people into our community!”

Thanks, Deb, for serving faithfully and creating a welcoming environment for our community and guests. We are thankful for you!

If you’d like to learn more about getting involved through volunteering at The Orchard, you can visit our website here.