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Middle School & High School Students    


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NextGen Director: Jenni Zielke,                               

Middle School Team Leader: Jeanne Foote,                         

High School Team Leader: Anna Hammond,

Personal identity, peer relationships, and abstract thought and reasoning are all developing in a BIG way throughout adolescence.  As their thinking moves away from the black-and-white logic of elementary school, students begin to explore gray areas.  They are able to see how the theological bursts froth from lived experience, especially when this is modeled and discussed in a an open, safe conversation.

Primary Focus: Building relationships with youth and engaging their curiosity about faith by sharing experiences, wrestling alongside them, and ministering to their whole person.


Middle School

Our middle school students are learning that curiosity, questioning, and discovery are normal and deeply significant parts of the faith development process.  The ability to wrestle with questions, appreciate diversity, and allow space for self and others to journey through them is important for adolescents.  In our Student ministry, we are intentional about guiding and modeling of rational thought process.

Ways to get connected:

  • Weekly gatherings
  • Monthly hangouts
  • Serving


High School

Our high school students are beginning to find their place in the larger church community. Research shows that if youth are not exposed to the adult community, they are more likely to leave the church after high school.  However, while integrating into the larger community is important, we also recognize that it is really important for teens to build relationships with other teens as well.

We encourage our students to choose where they connect best: attend the weekend gatherings with the adults or continue with students in their separate environment on the weekend.  We also want to help them get engaged through serving, whether it be in one of our Orchard Kids environments, Welcome Teams, or our Common Grounds coffee bar.  During the year, our high school students meet for small group discussion following the same schedule as the adult small groups.

Ways to get connected:

  • Weekly gatherings
  • Monthly hangouts
  • Seasonal small groups
  • Serving