Orchard Kids

In Orchard Kids, we work hard to create meaningful environments for our kids that help them experience God and know God personally. We believe kids have a natural tendency towards spirituality and are not empty vessels that we need to fill up. We desire to create authentic space for them to develop their sense of wonder and curiosity in encountering God.

We realize that all children learn and experience God differently, so by providing activities for multiple learning styles, such as visual, verbal, kinesthetic, musical, and artistic, we are providing a sensory rich environment for each child to connect meaning from what they’re learning to their individual lives.

In Orchard Kids, we want everything we do to point back to the truth that each child is uniquely made and loved by God. We strive to do everything possible to help them become who God has created them to be!

For more information about what we do in Orchard Kids, including specific curriculum details, download our Orchard Kids Parent Packet.


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Sundays 10:00am