A great way to get connected with others and grow is through serving. Serving has an amazing ability to open our hearts to God and to make a tangible difference in the lives of others. You can choose either one-time or scheduled serving opportunities.

Serve Opportunities
one-time serve

ONE-TIME SERVE opportunities allow you to try out serving without a long-term commitment. This could be for a special project at The Orchard, or serving opportunities within our community.


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scheduled serve

Pretty much everything we do on weekends here at The Orchard is done by a team of passionate volunteers in a variety of areas. Typically, volunteers are scheduled to serve 1-2 times per month to create great environments for others. Explore the various teams and positions we have available and someone from the area you choose will followup and help you find your fit.

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Scheduled Serve Opportunities

First Impressions

Our First Impressions teams help create comfortable, welcoming environments that allow people to connect with God and others. Our First Impressions team members love smiling and welcoming others to our community.

Greeters: Greeters welcome people when they arrive at the church and hand out service guides, etc. Seaters: Seaters help people find the perfect seat. Info Booth Hosts: Info Booth Hosts help people find the info they need, when they need it. Parking Team Volunteers: Help people quickly and safely find a great parking spot and exit.

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Common Grounds

When you walk in the lobby, you’re greeted by the smells created by our team of artists in our Common Grounds coffee bar! We offer hot drinks and cold drinks, snacks, and bottled beverages. Common Grounds volunteers love smiling and helping others get their perfect cup o’ java!

Baristas: Baristas grind the beans and make some mean drinks. Floaters: Floaters pour and froth milk and prep drinks and a bunch of other things too! Cashiers: Cashiers take orders and help process payment for our delicious Common Grounds offerings.

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Orchard Kids

We love the next generation at The Orchard, and all of our kids environments are staffed by passionate volunteers who love to create great experiences for kids. Orchard Kids volunteers work hard to develop age-appropriate experiences that allow kids to become who God created them to be.

PRE-K (AGES 0-5)

  • Lead Teacher: Communicates the Bible story/main truth throughout the morning, and connects with each family as they drop off and pick up their child.
  • Support Team: Encourages listening and participation during class time and assists other leader as necessary.


  • Host: Communicates the Bible story/main truth throughout the morning, and leads and transitions the large group through the Experience Guide.
  • Group Leader: Encourages listening and participating during large group, and leads a healthy conversation during small group time.
  • Media: Operates the videos and the music by following the Experience Guide for the gathering.


  • Greets families and helps them get checked in with security tags.


  • Responsible for overseeing all Orchard Kids environments during the service, and being a great example of leadership while serving.


  • Editor: Edits and prints curriculum materials.
  • Room Prep: Gathers materials for activities and set up classrooms.
  • Shopper: Purchases needed materials as needed.


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Orchard Students

Our Orchard Students environment is a conversational environment that allows junior high and senior high students the opportunity to connect with one another and learn about God at the same time. Student Ministry Volunteers help lead conversations and small group discussions and facilitate games and other activities.

Hosts: Hosts welcome students and create a warm, inviting environment. Storytellers: Storytellers help guide a conversation around the topic of the week and help students apply God’s truth to their lives. Small Group Leaders: Small group leaders facilitate age-appropriate small group discussion as a part of the regular gathering.

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Arts & Media

Our Arts & Media teams help create beautiful, engaging environments throughout our building and even in some venues in our city. They design, develop, and execute all media, production, music, and arts elements for all of our gatherings and events.

Media Team: Our media team runs all of the creative elements we experience each weekend ( Music Team: Our music team sings and plays each weekend. Instrumentalists (guitar, bass, drums, keys, strings, etc), vocalists Communications Team: Our communications team ensures our message is communicated clearly and creatively. Graphics Designers, Web Assistants, Podcast Editors, Video Producers) Environment Design Team: Our environment design team picks the colors, the sights, and other environmental details for all of our gatherings. Weekend Design Coordinators, Logistics & Construction Team Members) Support Team: Our Creative Arts Administration Volunteers help us keep things running smoothly. Creative Arts Administration Volunteers.

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Music Team Auditions auditionsThe Music Team at The Orchard is a vital part of our weekend liturgy, bringing together an eclectic group of artists to help create a rich spiritual experience. To begin exploring opportunities to be a part of the Music Team at The Orchard, please complete this brief online application. At the present, we are specifically looking for:

String players (viola, violin, cello, upright bass) piano/keyboard players drummers and percussionists bassists guitarists vocalists digital musicians (for programming) other instruments: woodwinds, horns and multi-ethnic instrumentation For those interested, we hold auditions 3-4 times per year.  The next audition will be Wednesday, November 11th at 7:00pm.  Fill out this form to register.

If you have questions regarding involvement on The Orchard Creative Arts team, please contact Kalla Ronning (

Construction Team

The Orchard Construction Team Do you like to build stuff? Do you like to fix stuff? Are you better with a hack saw and a nail gun than a Bible and a highlighter?

Come hang out with The Orchard Construction Team.

The Orchard Construction Team takes on a variety of projects — from creative efforts in our worship space to repairs around our campus. Its a great way to connect with others and get stuff done.
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