We realize everyone is different and each person grows in different ways, different environments, and at different speeds. So we’ve worked hard to develop FIVE simple ways to get connected at The Orchard. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach here! Simply choose the next step that’s a fit for where you are at this point in your journey and we will help you get connected.

Connecting Point

If you’re new and want to learn a bit about who we are, what we’re all about, and more about how to get connected, come to Connecting Point (held once/monthly).

Connecting Read more

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Groups will be starting in late February. To be placed in a group, fill out the form below.


What happens in a group?

Groups meet weekly on various days of

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A great way to get connected with others and grow is through serving. Serving has an amazing ability to open our hearts to God and to make a tangible Read more

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Hangouts are one-time connection opportunities with others of similar interests or stages of life. These are casual opportunities to simply hangout, without making a long-term commitment to an on-going group.



New Hangouts coming soon! 

Have an idea for a hangout? Email us Read more

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Are you feeling a growing connection with The Orchard Community? Partnership is our version of a membership class, but with great food and lots Read more

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