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What does it mean to be a community of GRACE?

It means that we are:

AN ACCEPTING COMMUNITY – accepting others just as they are, not as they should be.

SAFE COMMUNITY – being a safe place where people don’t have to hide, pretend, or try and look more spiritual, together, or successful then they really are.

TRUTH-TELLING COMMUNITY – since we love and care for one another, we aren’t afraid to speak truth (in love) to one another, even if it’s not easy.

SECOND CHANCE COMMUNITY – since it’s never “too late” we want to help people pick up the pieces and walk through their failures, mistakes, and brokenness well.

LOVE EVERYONE & EXCLUDE NO ONE COMMUNITY – our doors are open to all – regardless of who they are or where they’re at in their spiritual journey.

To hear more about The Orchard’s value of grace, download Scott Hodge’s teaching on “Grace” from our Ethos series.